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Pack Your Bags!!

October 20, 2013

I have been blessed to have had such an amazing summer this year. I spent two weeks on an adventure to Europe to travel with a friend who is based on the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. We travelled to different places in Germany, to Paris, and to Rome. It was an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to travel. It was a little nerve-wracking at first thinking we would be alone in our travels, and it did take a large toll on my bank account! (YIKES!!) But as I said earlier totally worth it!!

My favorite part of the trip was definitely Rome. I had always dreamed about visiting the Vatican City, the home of the Sisteen Chapel and St. Peter’s church. I was not let down by the experience. Rome was absolutely beautiful. As I saw St. Peter’s church in the distance I was so excited, and the closer we got the more excited I became! We had to stand in line to get through security for about an hour in the hot sun. When we finally reached the entrance to St. Peter’s church we were first turned away because we were dressed for summer, and your shoulders and legs had to both be covered. But I managed to get in by borrowing a shirt.

It was absolutely breath taking. It was bigger than I expected and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I said a couple prayers and blessed myself with holy water. I felt absolutely wonderful being there and could truly feel God around me. I experienced as much as I can, but I did not get to see it all. I cannot wait to go back, and I definitely will return. (I threw a coin in the Trevi fountain, so I have to!) J

I encourage all to travel. It is always fun! Rome was amazing, being of Catholic faith or not. It is an amazing city, and I shall return. (Hopefully this summer to join Ali and Quincy on their pilgrimage on the Camino. ) :D


Katie and I in Paris. 

Carmi Sievers


Upcoming Events ~ Jerome

October 3, 2013

For one of our upcoming events, we will be looking at some of the different styles of churches. I feel that it is important for others, who are looking for a church, to find a church that they may feel comfortable in. Therefore, this night (October 9th), we will be looking at the different styles of churches of primarily Christian denomination. After which, we will have a discussion on what we liked or disliked about certain aspects of each church presented.

When I first saw a similar representation of the evening that we have planned, some aspects of churches seemed pretty neat. For example, some churches have huge recreational activities (i.e. sport courts, rock walls, theaters, etc.) and a lot of activities that members can become involved in. There seemed to be a strong sense of community developed by this church. However, I feel like parts of this style took away from the traditional approach of a mass/sermon and almost seemed to bribe people to come to their church.

I found this article online that I think helps illustrate some of the different draws/strengths of churches out there and some statistics about congregations within the United States. This article is from Hartford Institute for Religion Research:

I feel this article does a pretty good job of providing information about how congregations are doing to draw youth to certain faiths.


Hello’s From Ali!

September 16, 2013

Hello everyone! Ali Here!

Hopefully the first few weeks of classes are going great for everyone. Getting back into the swing of things is always hard after a nice long summer break. BUT BCCM has some fun evenings coming up this month! We have some outside evenings scheduled and a dinner night planned at the Staggering Ox….and even a paint war hopefully coming up soon. J So stay tuned!

This coming week BCCM will be starting up our regular Wednesday nights at 7pm!  We will either be having out meeting up at Zimmerman Park overlooking Billings on the rims for a “Connectivity” themed night with various activities and free food – everyone loves free food….especially college people ;). This will hopefully be where we plan to meet this week (rides will be provided!) depending on Montana’s lovely weather. If the weather turns into a problem we will  move our evening to either the Soup Place (downtown) to Staggering Ox for our night, when AGAIN free food.

BCCM isn’t the only one having fun in town. September and October are both always fun months in Billings. I did just here that the STATE’S LARGEST CORN MAIZE just opened up here in Billings again for the autumn months. It’s a great way to spend an evening with family and friends. They have pig races, pumpkin patches, apocalyptic paintball, hay mountain and hay rides. And when it gets closer to Halloween BCCM will be offering rides to and from the maze for their annual spook walk through the haunted corn maze!

(link to their website à

Well I hope everyone’s classes are going well and not too busy….yet. Haha. Just keep calm and carry on! See everyone this Wednesday! Have a great week!

Official Welcome Back From Your Peer Ministers!

September 9, 2013

Welcome to back to school officially everyone! We are so excited to be starting the year off with a great adventure! Before we get into the adventure why don’t we take a moment to introduce ourselves:


Hello everyone!  My name is Alicia Sapa, but I go by Ali :) I am a senior at Rocky Mountain College, majoring in environmental science and environmental studies. I am originally from Bayfield, Colorado. Many of my BCCM friends refer to me as the “hippie tree hugging Coloradan…” and I am proud of it ;)  I plan on either going to graduate school in Alaska or Oregon after I graduate to study forestry…. Or just go straight into field biology right after graduation in May, we’ll see where the wind takes me. I also work at Zoo Montana,  so don’t be afraid to say hello if you see me cleaning up some sort of poo in the exhibits! This is also my fourth year at being a peer minister for Billings Catholic Campus Ministry. I first started being involved with BCCM the first week of my freshman year. I accidentally stumbled into the BCCM office, started talking, and have been a part


of this wonderful organization ever since!
This organization has given me so many friends, memories, experiences and lessons.  It has also helped me grow with and into my spiritual faith as a Catholic. BCCM holds some of the kindest, most caring people I have met in all my college years. The opportunities that come with being a part of BCCM are great!! Such as:
Group talks discussing various subjects of the Catholic faith and of other religions,  various community service opportunities, trips and so many fun activities! I am looking forward to a great year with BCCM this semester and next!  Let’s get this ball rollin’!!!!

-Ali Sapa


My name is Jerome Rangitsch. I am in my fourth year at Rocky Mountain College. I am in the Master of Accountancy program while finishing an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a minor in Mathematics. I am from Roundup, MT. Most people would say that I am a quiet at first, but I am definitely not afraid to speak my mind productively in most settings. I would say that I a

m fairly outgoing. I enjoy time spent with family, playing sports, and hanging out with friends.

This will be my third year as a peer minister and I have been with BCCM since my freshman year. I have stuck with BCCM because it has provided a very welcoming environment where students can grow in their own faith along with fun activities. With this group, I have realized more through service what being a Catholic means and how to live the Catholic faith. I have learned a lot from BCCM and I would not take that back for anything. What I bring to the group is mainly structure/order and more behind the scenes stuff.

 During this year, I hope that this group provides a comfortable and welcoming environment to all that choose to participate. Moreover, I am excited to meet new/old people who will be with BCCM. I look forward to seeing you at our weekly Wednesday night gatherings.




My name is Carmi Sievers. This will be my third year attending MSU Billings. I recently switched my major to nursing, and so far I am enjoying the classes. From a crazy adventure with my fellow peer ministers this summer I have decided that I will make a pretty good nurse, so I am planning to stick with that degree for now. :) I am from Wolf Point, Montana originally. I am very family oriented and love to have fun. I may be quiet at times, but once you get to know me, as Quincy says, I won’t shut up. :) I’m also a great listener, so if you ever need a person to talk to I’m your gal. I decided to become a peer minister because I attended BCCM meetings all throughout my freshman year of college and loved it. The people were so inviting and we did really fun activities and I learned a little along the way. I’ve grown a lot because of this group, and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made for myself in college. My goal for this year is to meet a ton more people and get them interested in what we are doing in BCCM! I’d love to see a full group on our Wednesday night adventures.

We are a very welcoming group to all. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. As long as you want to have a fun time and meet some great people give our meeting a try! Every Wednesday at 7pm. :) Hope to see you there!!



Last but not least my name is Quincy Linhart and I attend to Montana State University Billings and am a senior, YIKES GO YELLOWJACKETS! I have been part of Billings Catholic Campus Ministry for 4 years and have loved every minute of it. I quickly got more involved and dove in deep and took a trip to Mexico for spring break to work in a catholic orphan home and then spent the last part of the week working with the homeless in downtown San Diego. It was a life changing experience! I like to think that the plunge I took my freshman year was something that most positively shaped me into the person I am today! I am majoring in communication with a focus on public relations with a minor in philosophy and religion it’s a big mouth full.  I have grown up on a farm and ranch my entire life and love the nature (not as much as Ali though ;) but I LOVE photography. I love every minute of BCCM, the fact that I learn a lot about God when talking to others about their religion. The most amazing part of BCCM is you don’t even have to be Catholic, Christen or anything to come. I am looking forward to this next year and seeing what kind of adventure we can all get into and the memories I get to make along the way! I love to TALK, go figure. Along with my other Peer Ministers we love to have fun and learn a little bit about our ever-growing faith. Finding God in your life is a constant and ever-changing thing, it never stops. Looking forward to a great year and meeting everyone!

So for our first official kick off this year we are heading to the Drive In at Laurel! This Saturday, September 14, we are meeting in front of Petro Hall for MSUB at 7:00 and at meet at The Bear on the Rocky Campus same time. BCCM is driving and buying your way in the show all you have to do is bring $2! Snack will be provided, so bring the blankets and camping chairs to watch the show! RSVP to the BCCM phone Call or text (406) 850-4488 or Email No later than Friday, 13.

Have a great week and See you Saturday!!

 Ali, Jerome, Carmi and Quincy

Last Week at Off the Leaf!

April 16, 2013

For all that has been, thanks!  To all that will be, yes!  ~ Dag Hammarskjold

It’s been a really awesome year everyone!  We’ve loved getting to know so many more of you over the past several months…the BCCM community is a blessing to us all!  But…we’re not done quite yet!  This Wednesday is our last week at Off the Leaf so come join us one more time for yummy drinks and great company as we grow closer to God together!

Wednesday, April 17th
BCCM Night @ 7pm @ Off the Leaf
Tonight we’ll be having our last Off the Leaf night of the semester!  Join us for activities and discussion around being grateful for this past year and being open to all the greatness that awaits us in our lives!  Bring a friend!

Wednesday, April 24th
End of the Year Dinner!
Location and time TBD!!! Stay tuned! :)

End of the Semester!

April 16, 2013

How many of you are shocked and stressed that this semester is over? Well, you are not alone. One thing that numerous peers have told me is that this is one of the most stressful times of the year. The weather outside is getting nicer and people just want a break to relax. Thus, it is difficult for most of us to get motivated to finish homework assignments, papers, and studying for exams. Many (including myself) may procrastinate quite a bit of these tasks and experience a lot of pressure/stress to complete these tasks by a certain deadline. With this added stress, some may not know how to effectively manage their stress. The link below provides a list of what you can do to help manage stress in your life:

For me personally, I strive to make sure that I don’t add any more pressure than I normally do in my everyday life. One thing I do is give myself limitations on how late I will stay up studying/doing homework. I will not stay up past 2a.m. because I need to have some sort of rest in order to function for the exam or class lecture. Finding out which stress relief technique that works best for you will help you cope with and manage most stressful situations that are thrown upon you.

I hope that this blog has helped you find something that may work for you to manage the stress in your life.

Jerome Rangitsch
BCCM Peer Minister, RMC


Are You A Doubting Thomas?

April 8, 2013

Hey everyone!  We’re now in the final stretch of the semester, and we’ve only got a few more weeks together until school gets out.  Let’s make the most of it!  Remember, it’s never to late to start coming to our events…we see new faces all the time :)

Wednesday, April 10th
BCCM Night @ 7pm @ Off the Leaf
Do have doubts?  You’re not alone!  Come join us for an evening discussing doubts and fears related to your life and faith.  As always the coffee is on us :)

Wednesday, April 17th
BCCM Night @ 7pm @ Off the Leaf
Tonight we’ll be having activities and discussion around being grateful for this past year and being open to all the greatness that awaits us in our lives!


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