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Giving Back Through Your Lenten Promise

February 17, 2013

One thing that I always struggle with each year is trying to figure out what I want to give up for Lent or something that I want to improve on. Some people may give up chocolate, while other may just choose to give more compliments or be more diligent on working out. For me, I am giving up candy for Lent. Candy is something that I eat habitually. So, it is something that will not be easy for me to do, but I am excited for the challenge. Personally, I know that as Catholics, we are supposed to pray, fast, and give during the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent. For more information about Lent, here is a brief video:

I believe that this video helps provide a more clear definition about why Lent is celebrated. Personally, I didn’t know the three specific things that are supposed to be done during Lent. With that knowledge now, the Lenten season makes a lot more sense. One woman described how she is giving up granola bars because she eats them a lot. The priest suggested that with the savings that she has from not buying/eating granola bars, she should give that away. Thus, through her Lenten sacrifice, she will be able to give.

As you continue to stay true to your Lenten promise, some may consider how they can give back to the community from that promise. Whenever you find difficulty keeping that promise, keep in mind what is being taken away from your own personal giving.

Jerome Rangitsch
BCCM Peer Minister, Rocky Mountain College

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