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Check Out The YAM

February 4, 2013

Hey everyone!

Happy first month of classes finished!

This is when classes, projects, homework and tests start to pick up and don’t stop until semester ends…So feeling overwhelmed is very common feeling amongst, well, almost everyone. Some of my personal favorite stress relievers are either going skiing or camping. But skiing can be costly day trip and winter camping can be a bit “chilly”. So, I have found a new cost- friendly alternative, going to the Yellowstone Art Museum or better known as the YAM.

Located on 27th street in downtown Billings the YAM is a fun way to spend an hour or more wandering around looking at their new and old art displays. I just went to the YAM this past Sunday to see their new December display which features historic and contemporary paintings of the quintessential American West, the actual war shirt worn by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (Niimíipu), before he surrendered to the 7th Cavalry in 1877 and many other beautiful paintings of the Old West. Also on display this month is the local Montanan silent auction. Being only 3$ for a student, this is a GREAT way to spend an afternoon relaxing from the stressful grips of college.

Take a few minutes now and check out some of their work in their permanent collections :)

Ali Sapa
BCCM Peer Minister, Rocky Mountain College

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